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Examples of Our Petroleum Management
CES provides storage tank and petroleum management services, most often tank removals and closure assessments, but also compliance inspections and routine monitoring. In-place closures are conducted as requested to save money and/or because of logistical constraints that preclude tank removal. Our clients include petroleum jobbers, industrial facilities, and mom-and-pop shops.

Central Power & Lime AST Closure and Source Removal

Brooksville, Florida

Conducted closure assessment for, gallon fuel oil above ground storage tank (AST) and associated pumping station sump. AST and pumping station sump were inside separate earthen dikes. Closure assessment revealed presence of impacted soil inside both kikes and free product inside the pumping station dike. Conducted limited assessment and confirmed impacts did not reach water table at
feet but that impacts did extend below a layer of chert (silicified limestone) in the area of the sump. Excavated 800 tons of impacted soil around AST to 15 feet and , tons around sump to top of impenetrable chert layer at 30 feet. Impacted soil below 30 feet left onsite and closure achieved through engineering control consisting of concrete slab and institutional control consisting of prohibition on use of groundwater.

W.R. Williams Distribution, Inc. Tank Pull and Source Removal
Lafayette County, Florida

Removed 20,000-gallon, 12,000-gallon, and 6,000-gallon gasoline UST’s and associated dispensers, and closed in-place underground piping. Closure assessment activities identified significant soil impacts beneath the UST’s and one of the dispensers. Excavated 1,000 tons of impacted soil, and confirmatory sampling documented complete removal of impacts. Soil was transported offsite for disposal. Test boring advanced to 20 feel railed to intersect water table so groundwater sampling was not required. Site granted a clean closure and not additional assessment was required.

Cypress Station UST Removal and Closure Assessment

Cedar Key, Florida

Removed two long-abandoned 2,000-gallon diesel USTs and associated dispensers and product lines at active service station/convenience store without impacting fuel service. Closure assessment revealed presence of gasoline-impacted soil and groundwater in vicinity of USTs, and further review determined the tanks had been initially used for gasoline storage and later converted to diesel. Owner opted to forego source removal as part of closure because of groundwater impacts, so the tank pit was back-filed with soil and repaved.

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