Does Your Project Need Environmental Permitting?

Various industries often engage in activities that pose potential environmental hazards. Our Tampa environmental permitting services ensure that your operations comply with regulations, helping you maintain code adherence seamlessly.

Companies often need permits to ensure that their work doesn’t harm the environment or people nearby. These permits have specific rules that companies must follow, helping to avoid negative impacts. Perhaps more importantly, having these permits protects companies from legal issues as long as they adhere to the rules. These permits are crucial for safeguarding companies, ensuring they adhere to environmental regulations.

However, obtaining environmental permits requires the expertise of environmental consultants with extensive experience with permit applications. Creative Environmental Services, Inc. is your trusted partner for environmental permitting. With over 30 years of experience in Florida and the Southeast, we specialize in making environmental permitting easy for our clients. We can guide you through the process, ensuring all necessary standards are met.

What Is An Environmental Permit?

An environmental permit is an official authorization granted by regulatory authorities that allows an individual, business, or entity to undertake activities that may impact the environment. These permits ensure that such activities comply with environmental laws and regulations, helping to prevent or minimize potential harm to air, water, soil, and other natural resources. 

For instance, in securing a permit under the Clean Water Act (CWA) – administered by both the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – environmental consultants play a pivotal role. They assist developers in preparing robust applications that conform to the stringent requirements of federal and state laws, including the Florida Administrative Code and Florida Statutes. 

Similarly, for acquiring an air pollution permit under the Clean Air Act (CAA), regulated by the FDEP’s Division of Air Resource Management, the expertise of environmental consultants is indispensable. They ensure that the company’s application fully complies with the CAA and state regulations and proactively addresses potential concerns during public consultation.

Who Needs Environmental Permits?

Businesses and project managers engaged in mining, dredging, or activities affecting wetlands, air quality, or water resources need these permits to carry out their operations legally. 

Environmental permits are often required for construction, industrial operations, waste disposal, and other projects that could affect the environment. The specific requirements and conditions of a permit vary depending on the nature of the activity and the applicable environmental regulations.

Tampa Environmental Permitting Services

We offer comprehensive environmental permitting services that address the diverse needs of our clients. A standout feature of our expertise is securing permits for several Central Florida limestone mines, a distinction that sets us apart as a leading consultant in the field.

Our skilled team specializes in obtaining various permits, including:

  • Environmental Resource Permits (ERPs)
  • Water Use Permits (WUPs)
  • NPDES Stormwater Permits
  • Industrial Wastewater Permits
  • Air Quality Permits
  • Incidental Take and/or Relocation for Listed Species
  • Dredge and Fill
  • County and City Special Use

Our Permitting Process

Our Tampa environmental permitting services prioritize attention to detail, ensuring meticulous execution at each step of the process for compliance with regulations and successful outcomes. This commitment involves managing the intricacies of public comment periods, engaging stakeholders effectively, and addressing other concerns.

Pre-App Meeting

We start the process with a pre-application meeting, bringing together our client and the permitting agency. This meeting serves as an opportunity to discuss and outline the project’s scope and requirements. It helps establish a clear understanding of the project details, facilitating a smoother transition into the permitting process.


Following the pre-application meeting, we submit a meticulously prepared permit application, which undergoes a careful review by the agency. This step ensures that all necessary information is provided and helps expedite the permit application evaluation process.

IssuanceTampa Environmental Permitting Services

After submitting the permit application, our team skillfully manages any requests for additional information. We work diligently through the process, progressing toward the notice of intent to issue the permit. This detailed approach culminates in the final issuance of the permit, ensuring a comprehensive and well-managed process from start to finish.

We Can Handle Your Environmental Permitting Needs

Choosing us for your Tampa environmental permitting services means collaborating with a company prioritizing responsive, consistent service and providing high-quality solutions within budget and on schedule. 

Our proven success in environmental permitting and a profound comprehension of the regulatory landscape position us as the perfect choice for clients searching for streamlined and impactful solutions. Contact us to discuss your project.