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What’s The Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 Site Assessments?

Before your commercial real estate transaction is complete, it’s necessary to perform an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to uncover any potential contamination that could affect the property value. Let’s dive into the differences between the elements of your Orlando site assessment – Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESAs.

Whether your company is buying, building, or renovating a property, be sure that an Orlando site assessment is on your checklist. Our specialists can perform environmental site assessments and then outline your next steps to remediation if necessary. 

What’s a Phase 1 Site Assessment?

During a Phase 1 ESA, our team will perform a thorough background check on the property to see if it has the potential for contamination. Our process is comprehensive and includes the following steps:

Public Records Review – We’ll dust off the microfiche reader to look through any historical environmental concerns in the public records associated with the property. 

Site Visit – Putting boots on the ground, our team will inspect the property for any signs of potential environmental contamination or degradation.

Interviews – We’ll talk to any past or present occupants, owners, operators, and government officials to gather information about the property.

Report – Our final Phase 1 report will outline any potential Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and any other concerns about the property.

Phase 1 ESAs typically involve a review spanning 50 years of building department records. We may also use insurance and fire department maps. These maps help identify elements such as:

  • Abandoned storage tanks
  • Previous leaks
  • Any other concerning occurrences associated with the property

A Phase 2 Orlando site assessment becomes necessary if we discover present or past use involving potentially concerning contaminants. It’s also mandated if the property has housed a gas station, dry cleaners, or hazardous chemical storage tanks at any point in its history.

What’s a Phase 2 Site Assessment?Orlando site assessment

A Phase 2 Orlando site assessment is necessary if the Phase 1 ESA reveals potential contamination. During this phase, the CES team performs in-depth analysis and sampling to evaluate the environmental impact of potential contaminants discovered in Phase 1.

During the Phase 2 ESA, we will sample groundwater, soil, and building materials that have potential contamination. The lab then analyzes the samples to identify and measure hazardous substance concentrations. We compile these findings into a detailed report that offers insights into our testing and any necessary remediation actions.

A Phase 2 environmental site assessment in Orlando aims to confirm the existence of ecological contaminants, including

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Organisms
  • Protected ecosystems

Any one of these contaminants could impede practical land utilization. If such contaminants are verified, our clients continue their partnership with CES to perform any necessary remediation.

Why Choose CES?

Under the guidance of George Foster, our team consists of seasoned professionals. These include geologists, engineers, and ecologists. Together, they boast a collective experience of more than 150 years. We adhere to safety and compliance standards as a registered Professional Engineering and Geological Firm. 

Our methodology isn’t merely exhaustive. It’s grounded in a dedication to providing prompt, reliable service, ensuring meticulous and attentive execution of every Environmental Site Assessment.

Trust Creative Environmental Solutions As Your Orlando Site Assessment Company

Our team of specialists excels in conducting thorough and detailed site assessments to reveal any environmental contaminants that could impact your property’s worth. Choosing CES for your ESA requirements means partnering with a company that prioritizes precision, adherence to regulations, and client satisfaction. 

Our established history of successfully navigating intricate environmental assessments makes us the top choice for fulfilling your Phase 1 and 2 Orlando site assessment needs. 

Creative Environmental Solutions, Inc., is committed to guiding you through every facet of the Orlando ESA process, leveraging our expertise and upholding integrity. Contact us today for further details or to arrange an Environmental Site Assessment.