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Water Use Permit FAQs

Navigating the landscape of water use permits in Florida can be complex, especially considering varying requirements and regulations. Whether you’re a business owner or involved in agricultural or industrial activities, understanding the ins and outs of water use permits is crucial. 

Here is a helpful list of frequently asked questions to clarify when you need a permit, what type you might require, how to apply, and more. Explore these FAQs to gain clarity and ensure you’re meeting legal requirements regarding water use in Florida.

Do I Need a Water Use Permit?

Before diving into the specifics of water use permits, it’s essential to determine if you need one. In Jacksonville and throughout Florida, you generally do not need a water use permit for the following situations:

  • Domestic Water Use: Single-family dwelling or duplex with a single withdrawal facility.
  • Firefighting Water Wells: Exempt under 40E-2.051, F.A.C.
  • Single Family/Duplex Landscape Irrigation: Includes home lawn and ornamental irrigation, car washing, etc., covered under 40E-2.061, F.A.C. as a Permit by Rule.
  • Short-Term Dewatering: Includes well-pointing or utility construction under specific conditions (e.g., max daily pumpage of less than 5 MG).
  • Closed-Loop Systems: For cooling/heating systems with withdrawal and discharge points on the same property and other conditions.
  • Salt Water and Reclaimed Water Use: In a lined pond not supplemented with groundwater or surface water.
  • Livestock Drinking Water: From a pond or surface water not supplemented with a well or pump.

A water use permit is required for other activities, such as irrigating a golf course, watering livestock with a well, or withdrawing water for industrial use. Our Creative Environmental Solutions (CES) team can help determine if you need a water use permit in Jacksonville.

How Much Does a Permit Cost?

The cost of a water use permit varies depending on the type of permit you need. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Permit by Rule: No cost and no permit application required.
  • Noticed General Permit: $100 if applying online via ePermitting or $350 using a hard-copy (paper) application form.
  • Individual Permits: Fees vary based on project specifics, maximum monthly allocation, and the duration of the water use permit.

For detailed information on permit costs and to determine the specific fees for your project, contact Creative Environmental Solutions for expert guidance on water use permit services in Jacksonville.

How Do I Apply For A Water Use Permit, and What Is Required?

First-time applicants should schedule a pre-application meeting with South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) staff before applying for a water use permit. While not required, this meeting can help identify the necessary information and potential complications.

Submitting your application online reduces processing time, decreases paperwork, and eliminates printing and postage costs. Alternatively, paper forms are available.

The SFWMD reviews applications within 30 days and may issue a “Request for Additional Information” (RAI). Applicants have 90 days to respond; further RAIs may extend this timeline.

Information needed typically includes: water use permit

  • Quantity and source of the water requested
  • Location of the water source and wells or points of withdrawal
  • Purpose of water use
  • Water conservation plans
  • Impact assessment modeling
  • Monitoring plans for saline water and wetlands (if applicable)
  • Reclaimed water evaluation
  • Dewatering plans and calculations (for dewatering permits)
  • Permit application processing fee

Submit your completed application via ePermitting, which accepts payment by credit or debit card, or check. Alternatively, paper applications can be mailed or hand-delivered to your area’s South Florida Water Management District office. Our CES team can assist you throughout this process, ensuring all requirements are met.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Permit?

The time it takes to get your water use permit depends on the permit you are applying for. For a Noticed General Permit, the permit must be issued within 30 days of receiving a complete application. If you are applying for an Individual Permit, the process takes longer, and the permit must be issued within 90 days of receiving a complete application.

Will My Permit Expire and Need to Be Renewed?

Water use permits expire and must be renewed before that date to maintain legal water usage rights. Failure to renew before the expiration date forfeits those rights, necessitating the establishment of new rights under a new permit. Enforcement actions, including fines, may be imposed for failure to renew on time, emphasizing the importance of timely permit renewal to avoid disruptions in water usage legality.

Trust Us With Your Water Use Permit Needs

Creative Environmental Solutions is here to guide you through your water use permit application in Jacksonville or anywhere in the Southeast region. Our experts specialize in assessing permit requirements, determining the appropriate type of permit, and streamlining the application process. 

Contact us today for personalized assistance and ensure compliance with water use regulations. Let us simplify the complexities and ensure your operations meet regulatory standards seamlessly.